KLAMM – Ernte

This record has been released last year and I really can’t believe that I couldn’t find the time to upload the artwork yet. Like their first full-length “Wahnsee”, KLAMMs new opus is a concept album, critizising the western lifestyle of ruthlessness and capitalistic greed. If you like black metal offering more than just tremolo guitars, satan and blastbeats, this is the right record for you.


00 Cover


The cover and backcover is actually one big painting, as you can see below:


00 Full


The booklet artwork is quite extensive. Each of these eight pencil drawings represent one song on the album, illustrating the lyrical downward spiral you get sucked into.



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VIOLENT FRUSTRATION – Peace Was Never An Option

Cover artwork for VIOLENT FRUSTRATIONs first full-length album, released via RØDEL Records on 11 January 2016. The second image shows the back side of the LP sleeve.

150521 VF Cover Bandcamp

150521 VF Back Bandcamp.jpg

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Geometrie 2015

151201 Besorgter Winkel

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This is the cover for the book “DER BLUTIGE WEG NACH ABSURDISTAN” which was released on September 30th 2015. I am very proud to present this to you – not only because it’s my first book cover but also because the book’s topic and style is really cool.

After the author Kalle Kotz had seen my WEEKLY NEWS GRIND pieces, he asked me to draw the cover for his first book in a similar style. The result is a visual summary of the novel’s key elements: An almighty wolf-like beast representing Imperialism and its consequences, formed by loads of surveillance cameras, smartphones, skyscrapers, weapons and money. Surreal things clash with the all-to-real world we live in. And there is superheroes as well…

Sorry, English speakers, but the eBook this post is about is written in German. I would strongly recommend to learn the language, otherwise you’d really miss something!

For now, the book is exclusively available for Kindle. In case of success, a print version is also possible. For more information, check the author’s website. In case you want to buy it, visit Amazon.



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Berlin Swamp Fest is a very cool DIY festival featuring all kinds of heavy music. I was one of the artists who were invited to show some art at the festival’s gallery – thank you, Swamp Conspiracy!

For the occasion I picked all kinds of band-related pieces. It was a really nice experience to see people’s reactions to my work. Thank you so much for coming!




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Check out this new anti-war shirt design for my grindcore band VIOLENT FRUSTRATION! Can be bought directly on Facebook or at one of our live shows. Big thanks and respect to Richard and his DIY silkscreen shop RICHARDS SIEBDRUCKWERKSTATT!


140603 Shirts Banner S

140329 Bomb Victims Shirt

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My band VIOLENT FRUSTRATIONs first mini-tour is going to happen next week and I designed some posters/flyers for the occasion. Come in and grind out!


140203 Tour-Banner 2

140128 Banner

140119 Basement Blast Poster 1


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