This is the cover for the book “DER BLUTIGE WEG NACH ABSURDISTAN” which was released on September 30th 2015. I am very proud to present this to you – not only because it’s my first book cover but also because the book’s topic and style is really cool.

After the author Kalle Kotz had seen my WEEKLY NEWS GRIND pieces, he asked me to draw the cover for his first book in a similar style. The result is a visual summary of the novel’s key elements: An almighty wolf-like beast representing Imperialism and its consequences, formed by loads of surveillance cameras, smartphones, skyscrapers, weapons and money. Surreal things clash with the all-to-real world we live in. And there is superheroes as well…

Sorry, English speakers, but the eBook this post is about is written in German. I would strongly recommend to learn the language, otherwise you’d really miss something!

For now, the book is exclusively available for Kindle. In case of success, a print version is also possible. For more information, check the author’s website. In case you want to buy it, visit Amazon.




About Robert Zimmermann

I have been working as a freelance illustrator since 2010. I love drawing everything ranging from cartoons to realistic digital concept artworks.
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