The intention for this project was to wake young people’s interest in following world events. It was also supposed to show the overwhelming media avalanche coming over us day by day.

It all started with the music project “Weekly News Grind” which I created together with a skilled guitarist and friend. We improvised 24 short Grindcore songs. (this music style can be described as a mixture of extreme punk and Death Metal) songs. My friend played guitar and bass, I recorded vocals and drums and also wrote the lyrics dealing with the most striking news from all over the world. From January 1st until June 1st in 2011 one new song has been published every week on the band’s MySpace profile. This EP is called “The Ultimate Mirror Of Today’s Society” and can be found with all lyrics on Soundcloud.

My bachelor thesis in communication design at FH Würzburg was the second part of this project. Based on all the news I collected for this project I created one 108x76cm sized poster for each month from January until May 2011. These posters show something I call “drawn collage” – a chaotic but at the same time symmetric arrangement consisting of politician portraits, scenical events, animals, buildings, technical equipment, vehicles and so on. The events are very often displayed as metaphors. Each poster’s bottom part contains all shown news as short texts.

The viewer can start with looking at the illustration to find out how much he or she remembers what was going on in the world during this time. Or he or she can start to read the text news at the bottom and find their individually drawn implementations.

To finish the project I designed an extensive CD booklet using the poster illustrations. It started with music, became a bachelor thesis and got back to music again.

Both music and booklet can be downloaded for free here.

This is what the one of the full posters looks like:


January 2011:


February 2011:


March 2011:


April 2011:


May 2011:





About Robert Zimmermann

I have been working as a freelance illustrator since 2010. I love drawing everything ranging from cartoons to realistic digital concept artworks.
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